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Jessie Lin is an award-winning illustrator from China. She studied business in college. After several years of work in purchasing, she decided to change her career to art because of her passion for it since little. Later she pursued her MFA in Illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design. Now she works in various artistic fields including editorial, advertising, surface design, children's books, book covers, & etc.. She works with both traditional and digital media. She regards illustration as an efficient, insightful, and beautiful way of communication. She also does some translating/interpretingand photography commissions occasionally.

In her spare time, Jessie loves to cook, travel, and read. She plays a little bit Ukulele. And she is a cat lover!

Selected Clients

Target, the Wall Street Journel, the Washington Post, Southern Poverty Law Center, World Magazine, Harvard Magazine, Texas Highways, The Progressive Magazine, WWF China, Scholastic, D Magazine, Johns Hopkins Nursing, Deseret Magazine, Adobe, AFT Health Care, American Educator, Notre Dame Magazine, Knowable Magazine, Sky & Telescope Magazine, Madison Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, 5280 Magazine, Moxy Hotel, Sanlian Life Week Magazine (三联生活周刊), New Weekly Magazine (新周刊), Lendlease, Palace Food Beijing, National Geography China, Ping An Insurance, Panasonic, Daniel Wellington, Guomai, etc.

Honors & Exhibitions

2023 American Illustration 42 | Chosen Winner
2023 Communication Arts | Short List
2022 Creative Quarterly 70 | Runner-up
2022 Brightness Illustration Awards | Editorial Third Place
2022 American Illustration 41 | Chosen Winner
2022 Creative Quarterly 100 Best Annual
2022 Communication Arts | Short List
2021 iJungle Illustration Awards | Merit Awards
2021 Creative Quarterly 66 | Runner-up
2021 Society of Illustrators 64 | Selected Winner
2021 World Illustration Awards | Shortlist
2021 3x3 Illustration Annual No.18 | Honorable Mention
2021 The ADC 100th Annual Awards | Shortlist
2021 Communication Arts | Short List
2021 Associated Collegiate Press fall Clips and Clicks | First Place
2020 Brightness Award | Theme: Freedom
2020 Creative Quarterly 61 | Runner-up
2020 Red Dot Communication Design Awards
2020 Applied Arts Student Awards
2020 3x3 Illustration Annual No.17 | Merit
2020 Creative Quarterly 59 | Runner-up
2020 Communication Arts | Short List
2019 iJungle Illustration Awards | Merit Awards
2019 Open Studio Night SCAD
2019 Adobe Design Achievement Awards | Top Talent
2019 3x3 Illustration Annual No.16 | Merit
2019 Applied Arts Student Awards
2019 Creative Quarterly 56 | Runner-up
2019 Mable House Exhibition
2017 Cheltenham Illustration Awards


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